Your animated story - in 5 steps

An overview of our workflow and your role in it.


Kickoff & Concept

In this phase we first sit around the table with each other to exchange ideas and explore the main storyline. It is important to determine who the target audience is and what you expect from them after seeing the animation film. Perhaps you already have a certain (brand) style in mind or you might have seen an animation as an example that you could show us. The kickoff is primarily intended as a briefing, and will form the foundation of the animation film concept. The concept or idea of the film will be developed during and after this meeting.


Script & Voice-over

You may already have (a part of) a script on paper. You might also not have a single word written down. In both cases we are ready to develop a strong script. A script of approximately 1 minute contains around 130 words. That is not only a gold standard for the online video world, but it also helps to get to the heart of your story. This script forms the foundation of the film. We combine the target group, the story and our two magical ingredients … recognition and emotion into an animation everyone will remember.

When the final script has received your approval, we’ll have it recorded by a professional voice actor or actress.


Storyboard & Design

When we have the script on paper, it’s time for the storyboard. Here, for the first time in the process, images are added to the written word. Our sketches in the storyboard will give you a good idea of how the animation will work and what the scenes will look like in basic form. Here too you’ll get the chance to give feedback. Only after the storyboard has been approved by you, we will continue with the actual visual design. We choose a scene from the storyboard and work it out into a beautiful design that fully matches your corporate identity, or a unique style that completely fits your story.



Wanneer we alle scenes hebben uitgewerkt tot het definitieve ontwerp, gaan we het tot leven brengen. Onze animators laten alle illustraties prachtig bewegen zodat jouw verhaal tot leven komt, en jouw publiek elke seconde geboeid blijft kijken.

Zonder muziek en geluidseffecten zou het maar een dooie boel zijn. Wij zorgen ervoor dat we met een goede soundtrack en subtiele sound effects de juiste snaar raken. Zo komt alles mooi bij elkaar.


Time for the premiere!

Woohoo! Congratulations on your unique animation film! We deliver everything neatly as agreed in advance. Whether that is a video file for your website or newsletter, or a video specifically made for the app store or play store. We’ll deliver it in the highest quality for your purposes.

Time for the premiere! 3 ….. 2 …. 1 …….