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Why an explainer animation?

Animation clearly portrays your product or service, explains to your target audience how it works and what the benefits are.

Increase your brand awareness, spread awareness and boost your sales with a short, powerful animation video.

Stand out among all the other static stock images on social media and websites. Pop out with super-tight animation from IDS!

Why IDS?

3 reasons to partner with IDS.


Good stories make all the difference. Our seasoned copywriters pop your story into pitch 100. Get your viewer within ten seconds. That’s the goal. Every word counts!

No yes-men

We’re not like that, and that doesn’t help you. We know what works, and what doesn’t. We don’t hide that. Our advice comes from the head, and from the heart.


Do you already have a sleek corporate identity lying around? We move with the frameworks. We push the boundaries, but sometimes color just outside the edges. Together towards the perfect visual expression!

In 5 steps to your story
in image and sound.

Read here how we work with you through the creative process step by step.

In 5 clear steps to your unique animation video. Let’s go! 💪

Kickoff & Concept

Kickoff & Concept

In this phase, we first sit down together to exchange ideas and lay out the broad outlines of the story. It is important to determine who the target audience is and what you expect from them after seeing the explainer animation.

Script & Voice-over

Script & Voice-over

Perhaps you already have (part of) a script ready to go. You may not have a single word on paper yet. In either case, we are ready to develop a strong script. A script of about 1 minute has around 130 words. This is not only a gold standard for the online video world, but also helps you get to the heart of your story.

This script is the foundation of the film. We take into account the target audience, appropriate language and our two magic ingredients … recognition and emotion. Once the script has received your approval, we have it voiced by a professional voice actor or actress.



Once we have the script finalized on paper, it’s time for the storyboard. Here, for the first time, images are added to words. In a rough, sketchy style, you get a good idea of how the explanation animation will go. Again, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback.



Only after the storyboard is approved by you will we proceed with the visual design. We will choose a scene from the storyboard and work it into a beautiful design that completely matches your corporate identity, or a unique style that totally fits your story.

sketch fullcolor

Animation & Audio

Animation & Audio

Once we’ve worked all the scenes into the final design, we’re going to bring it to life. Our animators make all illustrations move beautifully so that your story comes to life, keeping your audience captivated every second.

Without music and sound effects, it would just be a dull mess. We make sure we strike the right chord with a good soundtrack and subtle sound effects. That way everything comes together nicely.

Time for the premiere!

Time for the premiere!

What do customers say about us?

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

So! You don’t mince words. We like that… 😎

If you’re looking for rock-solid storytelling, super-clean designs, dynamic animations and you want to work with a team of professionals who love what they do, your search is over!

With more than 300 videos under our belt – with clients such as Rabobank, Schiphol Airport, Fedde LeGrand, Samsung, AWVN, the Dutch Government, and many other names large and small – customer satisfaction remains our primary concern. But hey! You don’t have to take our word for it, see above what our clients have to say about our work.

We create video content that drives your marketing in the long run. Prefer to see? Check out some of our best cases.

More reasons to choose us? Check out six more above on this page, or on our home page.

We base our prices on 2 factors: length of the animation video and complexity of the project.

Therefore, we first ask you to tell us a little about your project. Then our creative team can properly assess your project and provide an appropriate quote.

We did a lot of research on prices in the market and where we stand compared to the competition. We believe we offer the very best value for money. Our prices are mostly lower than other animation agencies, and the quality of our work is higher than most of our competitors Take a look at our portfolio in particular and let the work speak for itself.

What you can count on with us is a seasoned creative team that always delivers high quality custom work. So no templates, no “just pick a puppet from our database” and no standard animation packages.

Please contact us for a price estimate. Tell a bit about your project, send along a relevant animation example (whether or not from our portfolio) and possibly your available budget. We think with you, and you will receive a price estimate in your mailbox within one business day.

Of course, that depends on a few factors: how many revisions are coming, how quickly we can move (sometimes it has to go past a lot of people internally before we get feedback) and how big the size of the project is. On average, you should think about 4 to 6 weeks for a one-minute (2d) animation video.

A fantastic icing on the cake that we love to offer to all of our customers and that sets us apart from other studios, is that at IDS you always get all of the designs that we develop for the explainer animation included for free and for nothing. You can use those however you want: print, newsletters, website, you name it.

As an illustration, see also what we have developed for AG5 in recent years in addition to several beautiful explanatory animations.

Whether you already have a complete script lying around, or don’t have a single word on paper yet, we move with you. With us, you always have input on every step of the process, including the concept and script stages. Our copywriters will help you strike the right chord in your story. We can certainly conjure up a strong piece of storytelling, but at the end of the day, you have to be happy with it, and of course, your target audience has to feel engaged as well.

Together we set out to create a beautifully animated story that will last for years.

In short, we develop a script, the illustrations, animations and audio. For a detailed explanation of our process and your role in it, check this page.

Depending on your goals, you can of course post the video online on your website, on your youtube or vimeo channel, and on your social media channels. And of course, our animation videos are wonderful to use as TV advertising. In addition, consider any trade shows where your company can be found. You can also enrich your content such as newsletters and blogs with animated videos.

We can advise and support you on how to optimally place and distribute your animation videos.

On average, an online animated video explaining a product or service should take no more than 1 minute. This is a good rule of thumb and has to do with your target audience’s online attention span when it comes to these types of videos. The other great advantage of this length is that it forces you to get to the essence of your story in about 130 words.

Therefore, always leave out unnecessary information, and in this way ensure that the message comes across a lot more powerfully. Every second counts!

Absolutely. Pas de problème. ¡Desde luego! Aber natürlich!

We work with many native speakers, both for translations of the script for voice-over or subtitles. We also have many contacts with native voice-over professionals. We tailor the project completely to your needs and goals.

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Tell a bit about your project and, if necessary, send along a relevant animation example that fits well with your requirements.