People & Planet

There are billions of people, but only one planet. That’s why we need to take good care of it. And, of course, of each other.

As an animation studio, we like to contribute by supporting meaningful initiatives. We do this by visualizing stories that could use some extra attention.

Once a year, we select a non-profit, a charity, or an organization that selflessly helps people or the planet. We create a beautiful animated film for them, entirely pro bono.

Special reduced rates
For commercial organizations with a sustainable or social mission, aiming to make the world a little better or more beautiful, we offer special reduced rates. Does your company fit this profile? If so, please get in touch with us.

Do you also care about our people & planet?

Do you have a (non-profit) foundation or organization, and could your initiative use some help in marketing? Contact us! Get in touch with us!

The Ordinary

Oasebos, a wonderful organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of the rainforest in Costa Rica. With the help of contributions and donations, they purchase crucial portions of rainforest land and safeguard them. Wondering how you can help? Watch the animation, and maybe it’s not as hard as you think…. !


BlowUP media has numerous digital screens across the Netherlands, primarily displaying advertisements. Eye-catching, screaming advertising that tries to grab the attention of passersby. Something we, as an animation studio, wanted to break through with a mindful moment. Take a moment to literally and figuratively pause in your busy day.
Inhale. Hold for a moment. Andddd exhale… Wonderful right?

How Many Animals

How Many Animals sells cheerful socks featuring a pattern symbolizing an endangered species. To lend them a helping hand, we’ve created a series of 3 short social snippets.

The Black Hole

Cancer receives a lot of attention. It should, as there is much research needed to develop a cure. Unfortunately, we’re far from there, and people who have exhausted treatment options often fall into a so-called black hole. A phenomenon that is significantly overlooked. Watch the animated film and discover why more research is needed here too.