The Black Hole: an awareness campaign.

The assignment

Much remains unknown about the Black Hole after cancer. What is it exactly? How often does it occur? How can you avoid falling into it? How can you get out again? How can you guide someone properly? The Black Hole after cancer deserves more attention and research. The task force wanted to achieve this by commissioning an animated film about it, launching a social media campaign and organizing an event.

The process

After many intensive sessions with the task force, we developed a powerful storyline. A personal story from someone currently in The Black Hole. To convey this story well, we chose to use a very special animation technique: frame by frame animation. That means illustrating 24 images per second (!).

The music, the sound, the voice

Because of the emotional chord we wanted to strike with this sensitive subject, extra care was taken to record the voice-over. For this, we had the recording done in a professional studio, where we were present to direct the session.

The recognition

As an animation studio, we have invested many hours in this wonderful project. We believe that The Black Hole deserves extra attention, and our animated film should be seen by as many people as possible. That’s why we submitted the animated film to several international film festivals and the communication award, “De Bonk.”