Oasebos: Attention to the rainforest

The assignment

As an animation studio, how can we make a (small) difference? Contributing something to (good) causes we care about. For humans, animals and the planet.

With this question in mind, we went looking, and found the Oasebos Foundation. They protect the rainforest in Costa Rica by raising funds and acquiring parcels of the rainforest. Then they leave it alone. Nature does its thing, as it should. Of course, they will periodically check the Oasebos areas. In this way, the ecosystem and biodiversity are protected. 

We can’t go to Costa Rica ourselves to care for the environment (even though we would love to). But what we could do is leverage our expertise to create a beautiful animated film so more people will learn about Oasebos. Hopefully, this will inspire even more people to donate, participate, or contribute to the cause of protecting nature!

The story

After a lot of research and intensive brainstorming sessions, we concluded that we wanted to create something that was light-hearted yet thought-provoking. Not too dramatic but straight to the point, just like Oasebos.

Many animation videos call for action: Vote now! Help now! But when we looked at the essence of what Oasebos does, we actually wanted to encourage… doing nothing! Nature can take its own course this way.

And then came the challenge: how do you create an engaging animation about doing nothing? For us: challenge accepted!

The process

Costa Rica boasts a high level of biodiversity. Despite Costa Rica occupying only 1.2% of the world in terms of surface area, it is home to 6% of biodiversity! We thought this was super cool to hear and definitely wanted to incorporate into the animation.

The result

After many hours, hundreds of layers of illustration, and a unique sound design, a fantastic animation emerges! With this animation, we want to create awareness about how nature can actually manage itself just fine. That man has little to do about it, and that this harmony must be protected! 

Behind the scenes

Want to see more of our design process? Check out the making-of!