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The assignment

The initial assignment for AG5 was to create a cool animated film showing how AG5 software can support HR managers in their work. We built on AG5’s corporate identity, especially looking at the website’s colors and tone of voice. In addition, we translated all scenarios into English and German.

The story

For this, we developed several scenarios with a powerful concept in all its simplicity: Without AG5… With AG5. Each time we show how the same situation occurs without AG5, and then with AG5. This way, we show that the HR manager is much better off with AG5’s software. With a unique design style developed specifically for AG5 and a healthy dose of humor, we bring the story to life.

Getting more out of the designs

The advantage of having a unique animation developed by IDS is that you can do much more with the designs from the animation. Think presentations, printing, website design, and much more. AG5 has also cleverly used their unique design style. They asked us to design a Rate Card, among other things, and to continue to develop designs for their Blogs.