Kraak de Crisis (Crack the Crisis): the Netherlands' largest crowdsourcing summarized in an animation

The story

During the Corona crisis, the Netherlands seemed to come to a standstill. But in the meantime, numerous social and sustainable initiatives emerged. A group of young entrepreneurs saw this as the momentum to not only survive the crisis, but come out of it stronger. That’s why they launched Kraak de Crisis: the Netherlands’ largest crowdsourcing effort.

The goal? Collect & scale up sustainable and social initiatives that create more jobs after the corona crisis.

To bring this successful initiative to a beautiful end, IDS helped Kraak de Crisis with an aftermovie animation, in which we tell the story of Kraak de Crisis, showing what the results were and the impact of the initiative.

The concept and style

In the animation, we show not only the participants, but also the winners, the expert jury, the social impact and much more. We used the colors and corporate identity of Crack the Crisis, creating custom designs that seamlessly matched them. Quickly check out the animation video!


In the storyboard, we design the images that will accompany the script in sketch form. It’s like a comic strip of the animation, allowing us to get a good idea of where we’re heading. At this point, the script is already finalized, but there can still be a word changed here and there. The storyboard is an essential part of our animation process, as it allows us to consult with the client early on and make adjustments.

The result

In about two minutes, we see the story of Kraak de Crisis come to life in a cool animation. Step by step, we worked with all stakeholders toward a strong animation video. The animated video can be seen on Kraak de Crisis’s social channels, and the website’s homepage, among others.