Floryn helps you realize your ambitions

The assignment

Business loan provider Floryn asked us to visually depict what they do and stand for in a short, clear animation. “We are not a bank, we are entrepreneurs. Just like you! We help you realize your ambitions”. We were happy to get started on this!

The story

In the Floryn animation, we take you on a journey into the ambitions and dreams of an entrepreneur. Namely, to be able to go to the moon one day! Preferably out of pocket, but if you do need capital to take your chances, Floryn is by your side. We explain Floryn’s concept and how they can help achieve this ambition. Because Floryn supports ambition!

Storyboard & style

The storyboard shows how we add images to the text in sketch form. The storyboard is a very useful tool for discussing the visuals before we move on to the actual development of the designs and animations. The designs were developed specifically for this story. A unique style that fits nicely with Floryn’s corporate identity.

The result

In one minute, we see Floryn’s story come to life. Step by step, we worked with Floryn toward a beautiful end result. A business and financial service explained in a beautiful, short and clear animation!