A refreshing solution for mental well-being

The assignment

FullCharge offers an light-hearted solution for proactively promoting mental health in a sustainable way. They approached us to create a fun, short and powerful animation to clearly explain this concept.

The story

We follow the characteristic FullCharge battery throughout a busy day where it gradually loses more energy. By the end of the day, it’s completely “drained” because it’s not feeling its best. That’s when FullCharge comes into play. The little battery uses FullCharge to “recharge” itself by working on its mental health, leaving it with more energy at the end of the day.

Storyboard & style

The storyboard shows how we add images to the text in sketch form. The storyboard is a very useful tool for discussing the visuals before progressing to the actual development of the designs and animations.

The result

In just one minute, FullCharge’s story comes to life, thanks to vibrant animation with bright colors, an immersive voiceover and thoughtful audio design. We proudly present the final result!