A Small Dispenser with Big Benefits

The assignment

The wonderful people of Hoozens video agency have asked IDS to create a super cool promo animation for Georgia Pacific Professional for their new kitchen paper dispenser: The Pacific Blue Ultra™ Mini Automated Paper Towel Dispenser. With 1 swing, a nice piece of kitchen paper comes out, the size of which you can adjust yourself, taking hygiene to the next level. All of this comes in a small package: this “mini” version is suitable for small spaces, in small businesses. Ideal!

The story

The concept and story was developed by Hoozens. We show the Dispenser in different environments of small business, and explain how the product works. Keeping it simple, then, often works best.

The storyboard

In the storyboard, you can see how we add visual elements to the text in a sketch-like format. The storyboard is a very useful tool for discussing the visuals before moving on to the actual development of the designs and animations.

The result

In about one minute, we showcase the Ultra Mini Dispenser in all its glory. Paired with a compelling voiceover by a native speaker and audio design that seamlessly complements the visuals, we launch this product with a stunning animated video!

Animation #2: Small Business Solutions