iData - Data Pipelines Simplified

The assignment

iData makes it easy to build a data architecture, without writing a single line of code! They approached us to help them tell their story.

The story

iData makes building a “data lake” and “data pipeline” a lot simpler. To emphasize how much easier it is to work with iData’s No-Code Data Pipeline, we begin the animation by explaining the “normal” process in a nutshell. It soon becomes apparent how complicated and time-consuming this process is. Then we present the solution! With iData, you’ll have your data pipeline running in minutes.

Storyboard & style

In the storyboard, you can see how we use rough sketches to add images to the text. It is a convenient way to discuss the visuals before we move on to creating the final designs and animations.

For the designs, we built on iData’s corporate identity with beautiful textures and simple shapes.

The result

In one minute, iData’s story comes to life. A unique animation with a good voice-over and sophisticated audio design. A result we are proud of!