Take your online reputation to greater heights

The assignment

Indicia developed a smart method for boosting your company’s online reputation, thereby increasing your online customer satisfaction. They asked us if we could explain in a short, beautiful animation what this method entails and what it might mean for the client. No problem!

The story
In this animation, we take you to a fictional company where everything seems to be going well. However, online, a different picture emerges. Negative reviews, dissatisfied customers, and unresolved complaints contribute to a poor review of your business. But that’s where Indicia’s Reputation Booster comes in to help! We explain in a light-hearted manner how it works and how your company can utilize it. Together, you can elevate your online reputation, ensuring a representative and positive image of your business!
Storyboard & style
The designs for Indicia’s Reputation Booster were developed specifically for this story. A unique style that fits Indicia’s corporate identity.
The result

Together with the client, we worked step by step toward a beautiful end result. In just one minute, we see in a light-hearted but clear manner how Indicia’s new method works and how your company could use it!