Justdiggit - Cooling Down the Planet

The assignment

Justdiggit aims to restore nature globally, and with success: they have already brought back more than 9 million trees and 300,000 hectares of nature!

They had the unique opportunity to use a 9-minute “takeover” of the 3D screen at The Piccadilly Lights in London to further bring their message to the forefront. Due to the curved screen, it appears as if the objects are flying out of the screen towards you. A remarkable eye-catcher, perfect for an important message like this.

Fortunately, after a previous successful collaboration, they knew exactly who to turn to!

The story

One of Justdiggit’s key methods is digging “bunds.” We wanted to prominently feature these in the animation. In about 30 seconds, we wanted to give an impression of Justdiggit’s impact: from digging a pit to a green oasis. The result? A cool animation in which we take full advantage of the 3D illusion of the screen.

The process
The result