Moyee - Radically Good Coffee with Radical Impact

Ninety percent of the world’s total coffee value disappears into the pockets of a handful of large multinationals: Big Coffee, Moyee calls them. These are the big coffee brands we all know. And the farmers themselves? They get to keep only ten percent. Without any room for development or profit. We can do better. Therefore, the Moyee farmers get fifty percent. They make this possible by roasting and packaging in the country of origin. That way they divide the coffee chain equally, isn’t that fair?

The concept

We wanted to show in an ultra short, catchy animation the journey from the coffee bean to the cup. A dynamic eye-catcher for Moyee’s social channels, among others. To do so, we dove deep into the production process. We researched the chain and the differences between that of Moyee and “Big Coffee,” Moyee’s unique selling points, and started experimenting with different concepts, styles and colors. In the end, we pulled out all our skills and used a combination of two completely different animation techniques: 3D and frame-by-frame (hand-drawn) animation.

The animation process

In the storyboard, you can see how rough sketches already give a good idea of the story and the animation to come. A very convenient way to be able to discuss the images and visual ideas before we move on to creating the final designs and animations. For the designs, we built on Moyee’s corporate identity with beautiful textures, colors and shapes. We converted these sketches into a moving storyboard, and then worked step by step toward the actual animation. See all the steps below!