3D printing has never been easier

The assignment

Indicia, in collaboration with Genicap, developed an amazing, intuitive app that allows you to effortlessly (hence the name…) create 3D models and have them 3D printed. A fantastic tool that deserved some attention. Hence, we had the privilege of creating a cool animation to showcase Simpl3D.

The story
Simpl3D is an app that allows anyone to create and design 3D models. In this animation, we take you to a trendy and modern family, where everyone uses this app in their own unique way.
The storyboard

The storyboard illustrates how, once the text is finalized, we add visual elements in sketch form. Below the visuals, you can read what the voice-over will say, and in the description underneath, we describe what will happen on-screen.

The result
Together with the client, we worked step by step toward a beautiful end result. A cheerful animation that explains the product well. And we are proud of that!