Watermelon helps you create an unforgettable customer experience

The assignment

Watermelon is the easy-to-use software solution to get your customer service team working together to create an unforgettable customer experience. Various companies use Watermelon to create chatbots, engage in conversations, and enhance their customer relationships. IDS was tasked with explaining this in a beautiful one-minute animation. No problem of course!

The story

The growth of your business often means more customers and, consequently, more questions. We depict a situation that many customer service representatives can relate to: the constant, often repetitive, flow of customer questions across various platforms. But there’s a solution: Watermelon! We explain how to work with Watermelon to create an unforgettable customer experience. Boost your customer satisfaction with 24/7 availability and enhance your team’s workflow!

Storyboard & style

The storyboard shows how we add images to the text in sketch form. The storyboard is a very useful tool for discussing the visuals before we move on to the actual development of the designs and animations.

For the designs, we built on Watermelon’s corporate identity. A bright and colorful design that immediately grabs attention!

The result

In one minute, we see Watermelon’s story come to life. A vibrant and clear animation paired with a compelling voice-over and audio design. A result we are proud of!