The National Data Portal: clearly visualized

The assignment

The government has an extensive database of open data. Extremely interesting for developers, students, and researchers, for example. For this purpose, a data portal has been developed, making this open data freely available to everyone. Totally free and accessible without an account. Download or share everything with 1 simple click. IDS was asked if we could visually narrate this in a beautiful story. We gladly accepted that challenge!

The story

The data portal serves a simple purpose: to make as much open data as easily accessible as possible for everyone. That’s exactly what The Dutch government’s National Data Portal does. We show what the benefits are, and how it can be used. Simple, clear and accessible imagery with unique designs developed specifically for this story.

Storyboard & style

The moving storyboard shows how we add images to the text in sketch form. At this point, we record a draft version of the voice-over ourselves to get a feel for the clarity and flow of the text when it is spoken. This can sometimes lead to minor textual changes as some sentences may not flow quite as smoothly. The moving storyboard is a very useful tool for discussion before proceeding to the actual development of the designs.

The result

In one minute, we see the story of The National Data Portal come to life beautifully. Step by step, we worked with the client toward a beautiful end result. They proudly launched the animated film at their user meeting and subsequently online.